An organization meant to help small businesses is closing on April 30th, which means a big festival in Urbana won’t be going on this summer, at least for now. The association had to close their doors because the hardships of the pandemic.

“Due to the pandemic, everyone had to take care of their own businesses. People were losing their businesses. It was traumatic for everybody,” Tina Stover, director of Urbana Business Association, said.

That left director Tina Stover and one other board member left for the Urbana Business Association, which forced them to close their doors after around 15 years of business.

“Much to our dismay we lost our funding from the city. The city had to do a drastic budget cut because of the pandemic,” Stover said.

Besides money from the city, the UBA also got a lot of money from events and memberships. With events being canceled due to the pandemic, they lost that revenue.

“Because of that and because people their businesses or shutting down their businesses there went our memberships,” Stover said.

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