Rachel Rodgers is the CEO of “Hello Seven”, a company to help women make more money. The subject is especially timely right now given that measures aimed at combatting COVID-19 have disproportionately harmed the careers of women at a much higher rate than men, studies continue to show.

Rodgers’ first book, “We Should All Be Millionaires”, which she started right as the pandemic began, was just released this month and touches on many of her company’s ideas and best practices.

“How to build wealth, not only through entrepreneurship but also even through professional endeavors. I’m teaching women in this book how to negotiate for higher pay, how to start a side hustle. How to invest,” Rodgers told Fox 17.

She advocates for women to make more “Million Dollar Decisions”, which includes setting boundaries and more equally dividing up the domestic labor around the house.

“That’s why you’re seeing what you’re seeing in this pandemic. Women are the ones that are doing the homeschooling. They’re doing all of the household labor and they’re trying to keep up with work. So managing a toddler while you work a full-time job is not an easy thing to do and that responsibility falls on women almost exclusively,” Rodgers explained, adding, “Getting some of that mental load off for sure is going to free women up and allow us to turn towards our money more and really see the financial opportunities.”