California Universal Health Care

Democratic lawmakers unveiled a plan Thursday to fund what could be the nation’s first universal healthcare program, announcing a proposal that would increase taxes for certain individuals and businesses to fund government-run healthcare for all Californians.

The new measure proposes increasing taxes for certain individuals and businesses across the state, depending on individual income and business revenue and size.

Proponents of single-payer healthcare said Thursday that the financing proposal would save California residents and employers money in the long term by stripping back tens of billions of dollars in administrative costs and lowering per-patient spending, despite the increase in taxes upfront.

“The reality is that our healthcare system has been broken for decades and has gotten increasingly more costly with California workers and employers more and more picking up the tab of spiraling out of control costs,” Assemblyman Ash Kalra, D-San Jose, the proposal’s principal author, said Thursday. “This is not the norm anywhere else but here in our country.”

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