Cancer: How to cope following a diagnosisIt’s been a long three years of doctor visits, surgeries, and multiple rounds of chemotherapy for 63-year-old Peter Romero.

“After a month I was clean, came back after three months, that was right before Christmas, and spots showed back up on the liver,” said Romero.

What started as colon cancer in 2018 eventually lead to spots on his liver. But Romero says he found a therapy that worked and he’s determined to let other cancer patients know about it. In July 2020, Romero was one of the first patients in the region to undergo targeted cancer therapy directed at the liver through a pump implanted under the skin. Now, just in time for the holidays, he’s cancer free.

“It’s a concentrated way of giving chemotherapy to the liver and avoiding the side effects of getting it through the vein,” said Dr. Sepideh Gholami.

Dr. Gholami at UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, is one of the the few oncology surgeons performing hepatic artery infusions in the country.