A US House of Representatives vote Wednesday on setting up an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the Capitol insurrection will expose the quandary that now defines the Republican Party.

It’s the latest twist of a drama stretching from Washington to a sham election audit in Arizona, and in state legislatures passing bills making it tougher to vote.
Republicans everywhere are making the same choice, and almost all of them are siding with former President Donald Trump, his false claims of election fraud and his unchecked assault on US democracy.

Only a few, brave holdouts are standing firm against the tide — and risk sacrificing their careers to stand with their consciences and American democratic values.
The split will play out again on the House floor as the crucial vote takes place.

On one side of the dilemma is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican who on Monday came out against a probe that would be likely to condemn the lies and instigation of the 45th President, whose coattails he hopes to ride to the speakership.