Not done yet! Carly Waddell and Evan Bass announced their split in December 2020, but could they be getting back together? It sounds like a possibility.

“Don’t close the chapter on this love story yet,” Waddell’s brother, Zak Waddell, who appeared on season 9 of The Bachelorette, exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, June 15, one day after the Bachelor in Paradise star was rushed to the hospital. “There are pages still to be written.”

“Thanks for all the prayers and support. After 9 hours we left the hospital but she’s still in pretty rough shape and may have to go back. Continued thoughts and prayers are so appreciated. And she knows she’s beloved,” the Tennessee native wrote via an Instagram Story. “I know y’all wanna know what’s going on but it’s her health and story to tell if she wants to share. (I did get her permission to share photo from earlier so you can relax Jan from Wisconsin.) In all the madness, she lost her phone and she really needs to rest so it might be a bit.”