The web during the pandemic is like a dinner party gone on too long. Guests are drunk and rowdy, and airing dirty laundry. It’s good news for us—celebrity gossip, in late-stage pandemic, has started coming straight from the source. Robbed of the human right to be photographed on red carpets, celebrities are suddenly revealing what they have been trained to never reveal—their actual thoughts and opinions.

We’re used to the coy little compliments celebs dole out when asked about each other in interviews. Major gossipy moments—see: Mariah “I Don’t Know Her” Carey, the Kim-Taylor snake emoji debacle, and John Mayer simply comparing himself to a white supremacist—are special occasions, like a rare comet, or a new Lorde album.

But recently celebrities have started talking shit. It’s as if they keep getting caught on hot mics, except they’re doing it on purpose. It’s fairly harmless—and very fun.


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