The YouTube personality known for his over-the-top stunts and charitable endeavors, as well as his whopping 60 million subscribers – has his sights set on dominating the fast-food world around the globe, including Eau Claire.

the North Carolina-based, 22-year-old creator behind MrBeast – has joined forces with Virtual Dining Concepts to create MrBeast Burger, a virtual restaurant brand, which has exploded to include 600 locations, including the Red Robin in Eau Claire, 3005 Golf Road.

Virtual Dining Concepts operates out of existing restaurant kitchens, allowing restaurateurs to add a new source of revenue without drastically impacting their operations. These celebrity restaurant brands provide attention-grabbing brand development (usually based on iconic celebrity names), tasty menus in a popular genre of food (in this case, burgers), and on-trend packaging and marketing that is already handled for restaurants – meaning local restaurants just have to do the cooking. This delivery-only brand operates nationally through services such as Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, and Postmates, offering a variety of traditional fast food burgers and sandwiches, but with a MrBeast twist.

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