It’s a Christmas gift that keeps on giving. The Apple watch Boyd Roberts’ children gave him may have saved him from serious harm.

The 73-year-old Winfield resident was alone at home when he fell and was knocked unconscious.

The fall detection feature on his Apple watch triggered an alert to 911. Winfield police responded and found Roberts disoriented and bleeding from the head.

An ambulance rushed Roberts to Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital, where a CT scan revealed a contusion on his brain, a form of traumatic brain injury that causes bleeding and swelling.

Physicians quickly controlled his blood pressure to prevent additional bleeding and pressure inside his skull.

“The watch saved him,” said Osaama H. Khan, MD, a neurosurgeon at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital.

“Without prompt medical attention, Mr. Roberts could have hurt himself further, or his neurological condition may have worsened.”

Boyd’s wife, Susan, encouraged their children to buy the watch for their father at Christmas specifically for the fall detection feature because he had fallen in the past, once breaking a few ribs.