After narrowly losing to Amy McGrath in the Democratic primary last year, former Kentucky State Rep. Charles Booker is considering another run for Senate – this time with an eye on Rand Paul’s Senate seat.

Booker announced the formation of an exploratory committee earlier this week. Paul is up for reelection next year.

When asked how he would tailor his message differently from how he targeted Kentucky’s senior Senator Mitch McConnell last year, Booker said, “They are very different sides of the same coin.”

McConnell, in many ways, is the convenient boogey man for the left but there are some issues where Paul overlaps with progressives: civil liberties, oppposition to war and chipping away at mandatory minimum prison sentences.

“I have made it clear that what we are fighting for as Kentuckians is our future. That’s bigger than any one politician or any one office and the fact of the matter is, regardless of what Rand Paul says on any given week, which is your best guess, on any given time, he’s pissing off Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians because he doesn’t really know who he is from day to day. The fact of the matter is he has done nothing for Kentucky,” Booker said.

Building on the work of his grassroots organization “Hood to the Holler,” Booker is banking on turning out first-time voters and building unique alliances between the rural poor in Appalachia and people from his community in Louisville.

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