Chika is shedding more light on the hurdles she faces within the industry.

On Saturday, the Grammy-nominated rapper hit up Twitter to call out Brandon Anthony, a Los Angeles nightclub promoter who allegedly hired her for a Black Pride event last Friday. Chika claimed she was offered $2,000 to host the party at The Chapel in West Hollywood, but was disrespected during and after the gig. She pointed out that her name and likeness were used on event flyers, but none of her songs were played that night. Furthermore, Chika claimed she did not receive any complimentary bottles for her appearance, and was left covering a $1,600 tab.

“Would you believe me if I said I ain’t hear one song of mine at an event ‘hosted’ as a favor in the first place?” she wrote. “And still covered the tab.”

Kehlani was in attendance that night and has since gone to Twitter to back Chika’s claims and to express her support for the Alabama rapper.