The fallout continues for Chrissy Teigen. (Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images)

Anyone worried about Chrissy Teigen amid the tumultuous past month should know that she’s “good.”

The model told TMZ photographers she encountered Monday, as she arrived at her L.A. office, that she has “no idea” if she’s actually going to sit down with Oprah Winfrey, as has been rumored. She had no comment on whether she’d want Courtney Stodden to be a part of it, after Stodden — who identifies as nonbinary — said they would join Teigen and Winfrey for a conversation.

The backstory, of course, is that last month Teigen was called out for how she treated Stodden and others — Lindsay Lohan and former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham among them — online in the past. Stodden said that, a decade ago, Teigen had told them to take their own life.

Teigen publicly apologized, as companies that she worked with, including Target and Macy’s, removed her products from their shelves in the wake of the scandal.