If the late Martin Luther King Jr. were to hold the Montgomery bus boycott today, would conservative politicians call him a “woke” activist pushing a repressive “cancel culture”?

That thought came to mind after Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp, former President Donald Trump and other Republican leaders denounced woke Democrats and cancel culture over Major League Baseball’s decision to move their 2021 All-Star Game out of Georgia to protest the Peach State’s new restraints on voting access.

Cancel culture, in case you’ve been quarantined on the moon for the past few years, refers to cultural and economic boycotts and general shunning and shaming of people or institutions over their political views or actions.

Initiated by the political and social left, the term has been embraced, like “political correctness,” by the right as a cudgel against the left.

The outbreak of culture war in baseball has brought predictable moans about the pollution of our “national pastime” by politics. I sympathize, but as everyone should realize by now, politics is our national pastime, too.

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