a bus parked in front of a building: CLNE stock: Image of a Metro Local public transportation bus on Hollywood Blvd.North American renewable natural gas provider Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE) hasn’t exactly been a darling of the markets lately. Unfortunately for the company’s investors, CLNE stock peaked in February and then sputtered out.

Does this mean that the company is actually in trouble? Not necessarily. It’s possible that the share price just went up too far, too fast in early 2021.

Bear in mind that this was a time when social-media traders were pumping up a number of stocks. Although I can’t prove it, I suspect that CLNE stock might have been targeted by these speculative traders.

Now that the stock has come back to earth, it appears that there’s a prime buying opportunity here. And with a slew of value-added deals in the works, Clean Energy Fuels could be a market darling in the near future.

As I alluded to, meme-stock mania was all the rage earlier this year. This phenomenon may have contributed to the precipitous rise of CLNE stock in early February.

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