As the beauty industry navigates the safe return to in-person shopping, New York-based cosmetics conglomerate Coty Inc. has announced that it will be rolling out touchless fragrance testers to global retailers within the next 12 months. According to the company, the digitally-enabled fragrance testing devices will undergo real-world testing in key European markets this month, with a further trial in Asia planned for later this year.

Developed in partnership with French beauty tech start-up Êverie, which specializes in smart devices, micro-dosing and diffusion technologies, the testers deliver a single droplet of fragrance to an arm or a blotter, without shoppers having to touch anything.

As well as responding to health and safety concerns related to the hygiene of the in-store environment in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Coty claims that the device offers a range of other benefits. The application of a single droplet of fragrance, for example, offers shoppers a less invasive experience compared to traditional spray testers, which “oversaturate the air, overwhelming the senses and surrounding environment.” It also reduces perfume loss, prolonging the life of tester bottles.