Rugby City Council members heard updates on construction projects ranging from a new hospital to underground infrastructure work at their regular meeting Nov. 1. Heart of America Medical Center CEO Erik Christenson gave an update on plans for a new hospital on the east side of town near U.S. Highway 2. Christenson estimated the project cost to be $50 million, with 10 percent, or $5 million in equity to be raised by the Good Samaritan Hospital Association.

Christenson said the HAMC board of directors had decided on the size of the new facility. “There were two options on the table,” Christenson said. “One was a ten-bed hospital with 30 beds in long term care, or a 25-bed critical access hospital in which we’d use 18 of those beds for non-skilled or long-term swing beds.

They voted to go with the 25-bed option. So, what that means is in three years, we will have long term care services but they will not be in the form of a licensed long-term care. They will be in the form of an 18-bed, non-skilled swing bed long-term care unit.”

“So, the same services will be provided under a different license. We’re capitated on the amount of beds we can have. We’ll have 25 beds and we’re going to use some of those for acute care and then be using 18 of those for long-term swing bed,” Christenson added.