Courteney Cox is taking fans back to her Alabama roots!

In a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday, the actress, 56, shared one of her favorite recipes for a lunchtime snack, which she dubbed the “Alabama Roll.”

“This is a California Roll,” she began the video, holding up a dish filled with sushi. “We didn’t have these where I grew up.”

Instead, the Birmingham native shared one snack that she did have on hand. Demonstrating how to make it, Cox added mayonnaise and mustard to a slice of turkey before crushing some Fritos corn chips on top. She then topped it off with a slice of cheese and some avocado before rolling up the slice of turkey.

“It’s more of a hand roll than a cut roll, but Nobu should definitely put it on their menu,” Cox joked as she took a bite of the finished product.haring the exact ingredients for the dish in her caption, Cox wrote: “California Roll? Nah.. I’m more of an Alabama Roll kinda girl. 🤠”

The Friends alum’s comments were filled with followers pointing out that her lunchtime favorite was yet another example of a striking similarity between her and her fictional character on the beloved sitcom, Monica Geller.
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