5G didn’t immediately change the world in the way that some carriers promised us it would. Still, there’s no denying that the full benefits from the 4G to 5G transition will steadily increase over the next few years as coverage becomes more expansive. Meanwhile, researchers from Georgia Tech recently came up with a fascinating and novel use for 5G signals that has nothing to down with improving download speeds.

As detailed on the Georgia Tech news center, university engineers came up with a way to use the energy from 5G signals and turn them into something of a miniaturized power source.

While harvesting enough power from 5G is possible with gargantuan antennas, researchers managed to come up with their own antenna system in a much smaller package. Another limitation Georgia Tech engineers managed to work around is that previous antenna designs were only able to harvest power from 5G if there was a direct line of sight to a 5G base station. Read more