Eggs, sugar, cream, honey, and even olive oil… not just in our kitchen but in our bathroom! Consumers are increasingly turning to DIY, with recipes found online and on social networks such as TikTok and the various videos espousing the joys of sugar-based hair removal while brands are focusing on natural ingredients as they concoct the formulas of their new cosmetics. Several studies have shown that the pandemic has signaled the return of the authentic, the natural and the essential, testifying to the desire of consumers to no longer use products with lengthy formulas, and to focus on preventing the ravages of time, pollution, and stress, rather than treating or concealing them.

And so it’s in this context that we see the emergence of an active ingredient that no one saw coming: rice. A favorite new component for the beauty industry, rice, whether in grains, powder or water, is showing up in the products of various brands, at all price ranges and for all demographics, making its way into creams, serums, scrubs and makeup removers. Of course there is nothing particularly innovative about rice. The powder has even been used for centuries in some cultures, particularly in Asia, to enhance the hair and skin of women.