Voices are rising in opposition to Gov. Greg Abbott vowing Texas will build a border wall.

Abbott announced on Thursday the state would begin construction of a border wall, but didn’t give specifics on when or where such a project would take place.

Much of the criticism on Friday was whether the state can even build a wall and the political posturing by Abbott ahead of a re-election bid in 2022 and a potential presidential run in 2024.

President Joe Biden stopped border wall construction by executive order his first day in office. But at his border summit Thursday in Del Rio, Abbott said the building will begin again.

“The governor really doesn’t have the authority to build a border wall, in the sense that immigration is a federal responsibility,” Mark Jones, Rice University political science professor.

“In theory if Governor Abbott wants to build a big wall somewhere near the U.S./Mexico border he can do so. But there will be issues of eminent domain and taking land, funding that wall and then actually constructing it. If it’s not part of a broader immigration system that’s coordinated with the federal government, it’s likely to not be very effective. Can you imagine if you put a big 20 mile wall in one place, there’s holes around it, so people just go around it. I think really this is much more political theater than anything else.”