As Apple’s latest set-top box arrives, gadgets from smart TVs to streaming sticks are battling to be your guide to an ever-expanding world of entertainment.

It’s looking like another long winter. We all know that sinking feeling as we scroll aimlessly on a Friday night, stuck at home and searching in vain for something decent to watch. Lost deep in the back catalogue, you start questioning why you pay your money each month.

To ensure we don’t stray, the streaming services have honed their home screens to make it easier to find your next favourite show. It’s not just about great search features, it’s about great “content discovery”, which brings new movies and TV shows to your attention.

But these days we’re swamped with streaming services, so you can still spend your Friday night staring at a screen full of apps, once again paralysed by choice and in need of guidance.

Smart TV, set-top box and streaming stick makers realise this is their moment to shine. Little separates them in terms of streaming services and picture quality.

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