The scars beneath his shaggy fur reveal the story of his lonely past, surviving on the streets, begging for food, the regular victim of scraps with top dogs on his turf.

But today little Bobby’s life couldn’t have transformed more dramatically.

His is a canine rags to riches story to rival any human’s – and thanks to a particularly unlikely doggy benefactor: Cruella De Vil.

Just months after he was rescued from the streets of Cyprus by a charity, the stray found himself in the care of Hollywood animal trainer Julie Tottman and auditioning for the role of a lifetime.

Julie, who regularly uses rescue animals for movie roles, was contacted by the charity which needed to find Bobby a home.

Convinced of his star quality, she put him up for the part of Buddy, sidekick of the evil Dalmatian-hunter, played by Oscar winner Emma Stone, in new Disney film Cruella.

Luckily, Bobby’s shaggy little face and gingery ears were a hit with casting agents for the prequel to the 101 Dalmatians blockbuster.

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