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In collaboration with Parkland Health & Hospital System, Current Health has set its sights on tackling hypertension through home-based care. The partnership is indicative of how telehealth and remote care management companies have capitalized on the larger shift of care to the home during COVID-19.

The goal of Current Health and Parkland’s hypertension monitoring program is to lower patient risk through regular engagement.

“Parkland correctly identified high blood pressure as an underlying cause of lots of illnesses in their underserved population,” Adam Wolfberg, chief medical officer of Current Health, told Home Health Care News.

“High blood pressure is related to worsening heart disease, to increased risk of stroke, to a shortened lifespan and increased risk of death. Those risks can all be significantly reduced if patients are able to successfully control their high blood pressure.”

Based in Boston, Current Health offers a platform equipped with remote care management, telehealth and patient engagement tools to help health care providers conduct home-based care. Best Buy (NYSE: BBY) announced that it was acquiring Current Health last October.