David Bautista, 52, on his shirtless mankini photo: 'Originally I said no'

Dave Bautista taught Kelly Clarkson a new term: “budgie smuggler.”

The 52-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star was asked about a jaw-dropping shirtless photo he took while down under in Australia. In the picture, Bautista posed with friends on a yacht while rocking what some people call a speedo or mankini.

“I guess, when in Australia!” the retired wrestler joked on Tuesday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show when the image flashed on-screen.

“Originally I said no,” Bautista said of wearing the “budgie smuggler.” “We threw ’em on, took a picture and quickly got out of them.”

Clarkson was speechless at the term “budgie smuggler,” which is what people in Australia call the itty-bitty male swimsuit.

“Wait, I have to ask you. What did you call it? A smuggler? A what?” Clarkson said.

Bautista said, laughing, that “budgie smugglers” are “an Australian tradition, I believe.” An amused David Hasselhoff was also a guest on Clarkson’s show and confirmed that’s a term for the speedo-like garment in Australia.