Dave Chappelle appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Wednesday, where he talked with host Jimmy Fallon about his socially distanced shows, trending videos and more.

Fallon referenced the fact that Chappelle was among the first comedians to do outdoor, socially distanced shows amid the pandemic. “A lot of it started when the protests started,” said Chappelle, referencing George Floyd. The comedian had to get approval from the Governor of Ohio to do the shows in a corn field. “A lot of great comedians came out and donated their talents,” he said.

Later on, Fallon brought up Chappelle’s top trending 2020 Netflix stand-up special 8:46, in which the title referred to the length of time former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck, resulting in his death. Filming the special, which addressed the nationwide protest against police brutality and was distributed on YouTube, was “gut-wrenching,” recalled Chappelle, though he was glad to put it out.

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