Cue Paula Cole! Ever since Dawson’s Creek premiered in 1998, the show became a favorite among fans and remains one of the most popular teen dramas to ever hit the small screen.

The series followed the life of Joey Potter (Katie Holmes), a tomboy who is just trying to make it through high school following the death of her mother. Luckily, she had best friend Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) and his sidekick, Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson). In the premiere episode, Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams) arrived in town — a new girl from New York City who not-so-seamlessly made her way into the group and changed everything. The series was created by Scream writer Kevin Williamson, who based the script off his own experiences growing up in a small town.

“I remember loving the script. I remember thinking everyone was amazing,” Van Der Beek told Entertainment Weekly in 2018 when the cast got back together to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary. “All the actors were perfectly cast.”