Don’t call Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders a fan of the “buy game” term used for FCS vs. FBS college football games — games in which the former often takes home a nice paycheck in exchange for all-too-often being thoroughly outmatched by the latter.

Sanders put the concept on blast this week when discussing the team’s upcoming Week 3 contest at Louisiana-Monroe, one in which the Tigers are reportedly set to be paid six-figures for playing in.

“Normally you just get paid to go to get beat, right?” Sanders said Monday during a conference call, via USA TODAY. “That’s really the goal, right? Somebody pays you, your program makes more money than they normally will to go get your butt kicked. I don’t believe in that.”

According to USA TODAY, ULM is set to pay Jackson State football $350,000 for Saturday’s matchup. Such will be the case once again in 2022 when the schools play, per the report. While many FCS coaches may be thrilled about the prospect of earning $700,000 total for those two contests, Sanders has other thoughts.

“Normally when you play against a powerhouse like I see some of the HBCU schools have taken, it helps the budget, but it kills the morale,” Sanders continued. “How can getting your butt kicked, I mean really kicked, help you as a team? Financially, cool. All money ain’t good money.”

If the Tigers were to upset the Warhawks, it would mark the first time that an HBCU program has upended an FBS program in three years. It last happened when North Carolina A&T defeated East Carolina in 2018.