Demi Lovato opens up about their recovery and being

Demi Lovato credits being “California sober” with changing their life.

Lovato, who changed their pronouns this week as they identify as nonbinary, joined Chelsea Handler’s Dear Chelsea podcast to discuss substance abuse. The “Dancing With the Devil” singer has been incredibly candid about their addiction and recovery since nearly dying from an overdose in 2018. Lovato is now “California sober,” meaning they smoke marijuana and occasionally drink in moderation.

“If I need to go without [weed] for a period of time, I can stop and be fine,” Lovato said, saying they make sure to go on a “weedtox” regularly. “You feel super clear headed, super present.”

When asked if those close to them support being “California sober,” Lovato replied, “My team is for the most part pretty supportive. I’ve been on this journey since summer of 2019. I’ve gained trust back and they’ve seen me be able to have a healthy relationship with cannabis.”