a couple of people that are looking at the cameraWords change frequently when Democrats are in charge. Liberals are now called progressives. Voter identification is called voter suppression. Mothers are now “birthing persons.” One word that should be straightforward is infrastructure.

When people think of infrastructure, they think of roads, bridges, ports, airports, and waterways. In the 21st century, we add broadband to this list. That’s common sense. Not to Democrats.

Democrats in Washington have a new definition of infrastructure. It could be described as anything that Democrats want to do. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer have outlined a massive social welfare scheme they term “soft” or “human” infrastructure. Yet it’s the same old liberal agenda of cradle-to-grave dependence on government.

To Democrats, infrastructure includes everything from government-run healthcare to government-funded college. It includes amnesty for illegal immigrants, a far-left climate agenda, and forced unionization for workers regardless of their own views. Democrats include multiple refundable tax credits and advance payments — in other words, checks in the mail to anyone with an address who meets criteria such as having a child or holding down a job.

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