A celebrity chef, a celebrity DJ and lots of money for charity were a few of the highlights of the Derby Eve parties across Louisville.

At the Fillies and Lilies party at Kentucky Derby Museum, a “SuperChef” served as the host. Celebrity chef Darnell Ferguson, who has restaurants and a history in Louisville, also served up his unique, urban-eclectic style dishes.

“It’s not what you’ll find at a normal event, and that’s what we wanted to give people. We wanted to give them an experience — a Derby experience. We wanted to give them something they couldn’t get everywhere,” he said. “This is like Ali’s city, so I wanted to be like the people’s champ of cooking.”

Fillies and Lilies was one of the first parties he’s attended in quite some time. That was the case for others there too, as party organizers found a way to make it work with a improving pandemic — but still a factor that shaped the party.

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