I want to talk about the new Ordinary concealer, but first I want to back up: I love writing about grooming because I believe it genuinely improves guy’s lives. All these creams and potions and time in front of the mirror aren’t (just) vanity—these small routines add up to make you look like you give a damn, and to make you feel better, too.

So with that, I have to ask: will you finally get a concealer already? This tinted cream is one of those little things that does a disproportionate amount of work. It’ll cover up pimples, redness, dark under-eyes, and other blemishes. They’re not expensive, and it is virtually guaranteed that there’s one that perfectly matches your skin tone. If you do it right, no one will know it’s there.

So why are so many men hung up on dabbing a tiny dot of tinted cream onto small areas of the face? Up until a couple years ago, grooming writers like me were still saying things like “It’s O.K. for men to wear concealer; it’s not makeup, try it!” Which was our way of trying to tell many male readers that concealer won’t compromise anyone’s fragile masculinity. We’re past that now. Who cares if it is or isn’t makeup? It has a clear benefit. Try it if you want.

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