Business travel is slowly but surely resuming — but, like many aspects of professional life post-pandemic, it might not look exactly the way it did back in 2019. For America’s road warriors, every newly scheduled sales call or convention registration holds out the promise of a reversion to familiarity after a chaotic year.

“For road warriors, if you traveled a lot in 2018 and 2019 — if that was your job — there’s a high likelihood that you were missing it,” said Jan Freitag, national director of hospitality with commercial real estate analytics firm CoStar Group. “I think there’s the sense that Zoom and all these applications worked, but there’s just a lot of personal interaction that’s missing in those virtual meetings,” he said.

“I went from flying probably 175 to 200 flights in a normal year to two flights last year after the pandemic hit,” said Stewart Mann, CEO of Wild Rooster Events, a corporate event and team building company. “I’m a people person and I was depressed.”