If I Fly a UAV Over My Neighbor's House, Is It Trespassing? - The AtlanticSometime around 2000, Gallatin County produced a document called “Code of the West” which offered guidelines for newcomers so that they might better get along with their rural neighbors. Fast forward 20 years and a doubling of population, and it’s time for an update.

I encourage the sharing of ideas, but my first order of business would be to address the neighborly use of drones. I’m sure drones are fun, but under no circumstances should you fly a drone into your neighbor’s airspace.

It may not be prohibited under the current FAA regulations, but it’s intrusive and rude. I can’t imagine many people who are eye-to-camera with a drone hovering over their property thinking, “I’m OK with that.”

Sadly, there is no recourse for this kind of activity, save for the friendly request to stop. In our case, an intervention from the sheriff outlined the rules.

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