Shadow and bone actress Daisy Head has been added to the cast of an upcoming film adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons from Paramount Pictures. The English actress plays Genya Safin in Netflix’s recent hit fantasy series, which is based on a novel series by Leigh Bardugo. Since its invention in the 70s, the classic fantasy storytelling game has become a cultural phenomenon responsible for popularizing rol-playing as a format for other tabletop and video games. A previous film adaptation of the game in 2000 was considered unsuccessful yet produced two sequels.

Deadline reports that Paramount and eone have added Daisy Head to the cast of their Dungeons & Dragons movie reboot. Head’s role in the film has not yet been revealed.

The film will feature an ensemble cast in the spirit of the game’s “party” of players. Dungeons & Dragons has also cast Chris Pine, Rege-Jean page, Michelle Rodriguez, Hugh Grant, Justice Smith, and Sophia Lillis. Jason Wong was most recently added to the cast as a character named Drallas. The movie is set in the Forgotten Realms, one of the multiple fantasy worlds that exist within D&D, so it’s safe to assume that Head’s character is someone who would normally exist there. Pine and Rodriguez star as the film’s escaped prisoners with Grant cast as its villain, Forge Fletcher. Lillis will play a character named Doric.

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