The Dunwoody City Council has approved an ordinance that would make certain parts of the Perimeter Mall area open-container.

The Perimeter Entertainment District, which would allow for people to take alcoholic beverages from one area of the property to another, would cover the entirety of Perimeter Mall, along with an adjacent hotel and corporate office building. Alcoholic beverages would not be allowed inside the mall itself.

When the council first saw this item at its Oct. 25 meeting, council members expressed an interest in having the district directly connect to the two entertainment districts that surround it. The Perimeter district is meant to serve as a link between the Ashford Lane Entertainment District, which sits to the north, and the High Street Entertainment District, which sits to the south. The council created three entertainment districts in 2020 and 2021: Dunwoody Village, Ashford Lane, and the not-yet-opened High Street.

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