Do you think that the cost of mobile data in the U.S. is too high? Well, you might be right. A recent study found that the U.S. has the fourth most-expensive mobile data in the world. While Israel, Finland, and Denmark charge less than $2 for 1 GB, the U.S. on average charges $12.30.

But having the cheapest mobile data comes at a price. Think your mobile data is anonymous? Think again, according to a new study. Israel, according to a 2020 study by U.K.-based research firm BusinessFibre, is also the slowest. The U.S. ranked second by the sheer number of mobile data providers but landed in the middle in average speed.

For most countries, it seems to be a compromise between speed, price and the number of mobile providers. By having expensive data, you might be wondering how you can stretch every megabyte. Keep reading for a simple trick to cut down on data usage.

Restrict background data use

Having a smartphone opens your world dramatically. But browsing the internet, downloading apps and conducting everyday business can cost you tons of valuable data. Sometimes you don’t even know the culprit.