The 30-year-old singer-songwriter appeared on Radio 1’s Big Weekend Saturday on BBC Radio 1 and talked about his first movie role in the 2019 film Yesterday, in which he played himself alongside protagonist Jack (Himesh Patel).

However, Sheeran wasn’t the first singer to be considered for the role of a notable musician, whom Jack works with throughout the narrative as he becomes famous for performing Beatles songs that only he can remember the existence of.

“They asked Chris Martin, he said no, they asked Harry Styles, he said no, and I was third choice,” he recalled.

What made matters funnier is that the movie’s scribe, Richard Curtis, knew Sheeran and his wife Cherry Seaborn because they all live in Suffolk, England. So when Sheeran read about Jack, he was convinced Yesterday was based on his life.

“If you look at that movie, the premise is a bloke who gets really, really, really famous ’round the world, and it’s a bit unbelievable that he got really, really famous ’round the world … [he] comes from Suffolk … so there are all these factors in it where I was like, ‘Has [Richard] sort of written this about me?’ ” Sheeran said.

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