When “The Lord of the Rings” ended in 2003 – culminating in an 11-Oscar sweep for “The Return of the King,” including best picture – Elijah Wood might’ve easily panicked.

After all, how does one follow up the biggest fantasy franchise of all time, which propelled him to global stardom as ring-bearing hobbit Frodo Baggins? Instead, the former child actor used the series as a launching pad to pursue increasingly eclectic projects, ranging from horror movies (“Come to Daddy”), offbeat dramas (“Everything is Illuminated”) and comedic thrillers (“I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore”).

“I remember thinking, ‘As long as I continue to work on things that are very different and probably smaller, I’ll be able to carve out my own path,” says Wood, 40, who produces and stars in the chilling new film “No Man of God” (now in theaters and on demand).

The film is a two-hander between incarcerated serial killer Ted Bundy (Luke Kirby) and FBI special agent Bill Hagmaier (Wood), who was tasked with interviewing Bundy in the years leading up to his 1989 execution.