They made a big noise with the chilling monster movie A Quiet Place and the sequel is proving to be something to shout about too.

So we’re all ears as Emily Blunt tells us how she and her husband John Krasinski enjoy a drop of the hard stuff after a tough day’s filming.

Asked how they relax, Emily, 38, declares: “We drink a lot of whisky. It’s a way of unwinding and it takes the edge off.”

The couple played husband and wife Lee and Evelyn Abbott in the original which, like the sequel, was written and directed by John, 41.

In the latest movie, Evelyn and her children again live in silence as they try to survive in a world where a single sound will bring monsters to their door.

Recalling the film shoot, Emily says: “I’d come home covered in mud and blood and my feet were filthy and I’d looked like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards.

“When you’ve had a day that’s non-stop, high-octane and emotionally draining, whisky is your best bet.”