“It’s time to find my dream team of beautifully talented big grrrls,” the “Good As Hell” singer, a three time Grammy winner and role model for body positivity, wrote on her Instagram page on Friday. Actor Armie Hammer accused of rape, attorney calls claim ‘outrageous’ A young woman on Thursday accused U.S. actor Armie Hammer of raping her four years ago in Los Angeles and police said they were investigating the matter.

An 83-year-old widower on a mission to investigate potential abuse at a nursing home reveals telling lessons about the trials of growing old in Chilean filmmaker Maite Alberdi’s Oscar-nominated documentary “The Mole Agent.” Although the story rings like the plot of a fiction film, the drama that unfolds is real. The tender and touching feature film, nominated for best documentary, is the only Latin American nominated for an Academy Award.

Hungary’s Sziget cancels early summer music festivals

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