As warmer weather approaches, many are wanting live music back this summer. New CDC mask guidelines are now making it look even more promising.

President Biden today, allowing fully vaccinated Americans to pull back on masking up.

“Starting today, if you’re fully vaccinated and you’re outdoors, and not in a big crowd, you no longer need to wear a mask,” said Biden.

This news encouraging for local entertainment venues like the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights.

“We look at this as a positive in the right direction that we will see live music again in 2021,” said Rosemarie Moehering, Director of Marketing, Music and Event Management Inc.

The stage and seats at the rose, still silenced from 2020. But, optimism following the idea live music returning midsummer is getting louder.

“We aren’t setting any policies at the moment for the venues, because we are kind of waiting to see at that time, when we absolutely know concerts will start,” Moehering added.

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