They call themselves the Fab Five — Maggie, Jess, Kaylin, Donnie and Matt — and they’re here to give one lucky small business a makeover.

“We came up with this idea through our community group based here in Pinellas County. We met together to talk about how can we give back and help small businesses through the challenging times of COVID-19 as well as through the hopeful times of 2021,” said Maggie Butler, co-owner of Local Union Consulting.

The five friends and entrepreneurs have different areas of expertise, so they figured why not use their skill sets to build up an entrepreneur in need?

“All of us really organically are engaged in our community and decided to come together and help each other out. We know what it’s like being entrepreneurs,” Butler said.

They’re currently looking for Pinellas County’s most deserving small business.

Through Business Makeover Pinellas, the Fab Five will help with consulting, photography, web design, graphic design and marketing.

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