The Falmouth Select Board on Monday, June 21, approved outdoor entertainment for Shipwrecked Restaurant in Falmouth Heights. There were some concerns about the volume, but not the entertainment itself.

New owner Alex Kahn assured the select board that the outdoor entertainment will be acoustic with solo or duo musicians providing background music, and they will be closer to the street than the back parking lot.

“It will be an acoustic, beachy vibe. Nothing crazy,” he said.

In letters read to the board, long-term director of the Falmouth Heights Association Paula Lichter and current president of the association David Buzanoski expressed personal support for outdoor dining.

“I especially support outdoor dining which I think is one of the good things that came out of COVID,” Ms. Lichter said.

Mr. Buzanoski referred to the letter he sent to the select board in February expressing support of extended outdoor dining with COVID restrictions in place.

That said, Ms. Lichter and Mr. Buzanoski, on behalf of Falmouth Heights residents, addressed the issue of noise.

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