In Fear Street Part 2: 1978, we get insight into the Camp Nightwing massacre that saw an axe-wielding murderer claim many innocent lives in the name of the witch, Sarah Fier. Her murder in 1666 resulted in her cursing the town, locked in a blood vendetta, but as the curtain’s peeled back to share details into how Shadyside devolved over the years, like Part 1, this chapter has quite a few plot holes arise.

Nurse Lane’s the big sleuth on the case initially, making an occult journal and coming up with the map that shows how Shadyside was then and now. She’s even been to the witch’s lair, finding the wall that reveals Tommy will eventually be the new slasher.

Thus, with all these details, it’s impossible to see how Lane couldn’t find the Satan Stone and the skeleton hand in the underground cave. If she can map out where the Hanging Tree is, it’s easy to figure out the rest. The film glosses over her intelligence, just to give Alice and Cindy these heroic moments in the cave.

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