Netflix’s Fear Street: Part Three – 1666 sees the Shadyside teens overcoming a centuries-spanning curse. However, their ultimate win against the forces of evil — and, let’s be real, the patriarchy — wouldn’t have been possible without one essential character: Nurse Lane.

In Part Two – 1978, audiences meet Nurse Lane through Ziggy Berman. Known as Ziggy’s only friend at Camp Nightwing, Ziggy is shown to us as someone who is either always hurt at camp while looking for trouble or, more likely, looks for an excuse to spend more time with Lane. Months before the infamous massacre at camp, Nurse Lane lost her daughter. While most people are convinced that her daughter Ruby Lane went insane, killed her closest friends and herself, the grieving mother deeply believes that something far more sinister was at play.

Since Ruby’s death, Lane has taken to compiling research on Shadyside’s long list of serial killers and murders. Later, while Ziggy is alone in Lane’s office, she discovers her journal. However, Ziggy doesn’t get the chance to ask her friend about her discoveries as she’s already tasked herself with murdering the next Shadyside killer — Cindy’s boyfriend, Tommy.

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