Federal prosecutors seized 18 electronic devices in raids of Rudy Giuliani’s home and office in April.

The FBI conducted the April raid in connection with a criminal probe into his dealings in Ukraine.

The investigation into Giuliani resumed in March following Merrick Garland’s confirmation as AG.

Federal investigators seized 18 electronic devices in an April raid of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s apartment and office, a new court filing revealed Thursday.

Federal prosecutors raided Giuliani’s Manhattan home and office of Giuliani Partners LLC in April in connection with a criminal probe into Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine.

According to the court filing dated April 29, which became public on Thursday, prosecutors seized 18 electronic devices, including phones and computers, belonging to Giuliani as well as “certain employees” of his firm. Giuliani’s attorney Robert Costello told Reuters in April that a desktop computer belonging to Giuliani’s ex-wife and a work laptop belonging toGiuliani’s assistant were among the electronics that were seized

“Technical specialists with the FBI have begun to extract materials from the seized devices, but the review of
those materials has not begun,” according to the filing, which was obtained by CNN.

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