If a person could ever afford to live in the same neighborhood as a celebrity it feels fair to say that life might get kind of interesting depending on who moved into the house next door or down the street since there are celebrities that have been known to get a little wild. That’s laying the bare foundation for some of the debauchery and controversy that’s happened over the years no doubt, but the fact is that some celebrities were known back in their day for being able to host parties that would start late in the afternoon and not end until the following morning if they ended at all. Just imagine what these types of neighbors would be like if a person had to live near them that often, and then imagine that some of them might actually be the nicest people in the world once they dropped their celebrity facade in order to show who they really were. But then again, imagine the fact that some people don’t operate with a false front and are every bit the person they made themselves out to be.

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