During pandemic, several new gadgets are flooded in the market; here we have listed five essential gadgets, which you must own during the Covid-19, so that you can fight the disease effectively.

Oximeter: Low Oxygen levels are one of the top indicators of Covid-19; hence if you are able to find out early, you will be able to treat yourself faster. The pulse oximeter is non-invasive, it is painless method and this device is presently available at Rs.500 to Rs.1000. The pulse oximeter would simply beam rays consisting of different lights through your finger and you would be able to check as to how much oxygen, your blood is carrying at the end of your body.

Infrared thermometer: You must have this device handy, you can test the temperature of the person visiting; if the individual has a high temperature, deny their entry politely and wash and sanitize your hands properly.

UV light Sanitizer bar: These can be brought around Rs.1000 to 2,000. They are simple sticks having UV light attached to it, at one end.

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