The foodie community has widely embraced bread puddings, avocado toasts and even Welsh rarebit. But what many of them won’t tolerate — apparently — is taking some of those same ingredients and calling it a “Bread Steak.”

In an article recently published at Bon Appetit, food writer and cookbook author David Tamarkin shared his idea for a savory type of French toast made with sourdough, custard and Parmesan cheese. Tamarkin also claimed that the resulting dish, which he described as a “Bread Steak,” might even satisfy a “carnivore’s palate” if done correctly.A custard-soaked, Parmesan-crusted chunk of sourdough — essentially savory French toast — that really is decadent in the vein of a rib-eye,” wrote Tamarkin, who is also the digital director and editor of food website Epicurious. He further explained that he, himself, had previously given up meat for environmental reasons.

“It’s fatty. It’s salty. And if you do it right, it’s downright meaty,” he added of his “Bread Steak.”

But once Bon Appetit shared the idea to social media, it soon became clear that “Bread Steak” wasn’t exactly the toast of Twitter and Instagram.

“Y’all are really trying to convince people that cheesy bread tastes like steak,” wrote one Instagram user. “Thank you for starting my day off with a laugh.”

Someone else suggested that she was starting a petition to ban the term “Bread Steak” from “ever being said again,” emphasizing her comment with a hashtag reading “#itstoast.”

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