The recent news that OnePlus and Oppo intend to merge was far from the most sensational smartphone announcement of the year. As TechRadar has already highlighted, the two brands have always fed from the same trough.

It’s a well known fact that both are owned by BBK Electronics, and there’s a clear history of sharing supply lines and technology innovations between the two.

If this were a marriage, it would be the kind you get between two people who have been cohabiting for years, and who already finish one another’s sentences and wear similar clothes.

But it did get us to fantasizing about some other manufacturer mash-ups that we’d love to see. The kind that are highly unlikely to ever happen, but which would theoretically create some awesome smartphones. Here are five of our dream smartphone manufacturer partnershipsSony phones tend to pack in all the features in the world, including several that no other mainstream brand tends to boast. The Sony Xperia 1 II has a 4K display and a ridiculously accomplished autofocus system lifted from the company’s Alpha camera department, to name just two examples.

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